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The Jockey and Horse

The Horse and Jockey

We've all let our emotions get the best of us.  Some of us, from time to time, others seem to be utterly controlled by it.  When left unchecked, emotions are like a bucking bronco, wild and untamed.  Try to get too close, and it will knock you back 10 years, leaving you flat on your ass, wondering which way is up and which way is down.  Tie it up and over power it and it's left weaker and more afraid than mouse on a soy-only diet. 

Rationality can work for or against us as well.  We've all overthought a situation before.  Whether it be in a game or in a relationship, you lost the opportunity because you overthought the play or situation.  A horse jockey goes through the same thing.  If he whips the horse too much, the horse slows down and you've lost the race.  If you don't push the horse enough, the same outcome.  

Lawrence Gonzalez, author of "Deep Survival: Who Live, Who Dies, and Why", equates this relationship between the jockey and his horse as the Jockey being the thought, logic, reason, and memory and the being reaction and emotion.  He mentions examples of epic life or death situations where either freeze, over-react, and die, or act with a certain mixture intention and emotion that leads them to live another day.  Take it down a few notchs from life or death to win or lose scenerios and you'll find the same rightous stuff, as Gonzalez points out.  There

 When rationality and emotion are in balance, that bucking bronco transforms into a thurough bred racehorse.  When in balance, emotion and rationality fuel each tother, forming a sybiotic relationship that catipolt the jockey and racehorse out of the gates.  The pure power of the 1000 pound beast is controlled by the120 pounds of cognition and awareness.  Bound together, they empower one another, forming a hybrid mixture of pure power and aggression and cool collectiveness.  The sum being greater than the whole.  1+1 = 5.  Apart, they are a nothing more than a man and horse.  

The Jockey and Horse: Rationality and Emotion

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