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Using a holistic approach along with lab testing and therapeutic supplementation to optimize hormones, body composition, energy, and reduce stress and inflammation.

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Optimizing gut health

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The gut is responsible for absorbing nutrients, protect us from toxins, and are home to 90% of the cells that occupy our bodies; gut bacteria.  Compromised gut health can throw off sex hormone balance, increase stress and inflammation, limit nutrient absorption, amongst many other things.  Gut health is essential for hormone optimization.  

Reducing stress and inflammation

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We experience stress in 3 ways, emotionally, chemically, and physically. Prolonged levels of stress lead to dysfunctions, anxiety, and disease. Teaching you effective tools that everyone has at their disposal decreases stress levels while increases your resilience to handle stress productively.  In return, this decreases systemic inflammation, promoting optimal health and performance overall.

Enhancing brain chemistry and mindset

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Our brain is the pilot to our hormonal system. Our internal and external environments influence our brain heavily.  Cortisol, thyroid hormones, testosterone, and estrogen all stem from how we experience and interpret the world around us.   Food and supplements are like drugs for the brain.  What you eat and supplement with impacts brain performance.  Optimize what the brain is being fed and you'll impact the hormones it controls.  


Nutrition Influences Health and Performance

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Food is a drug.  It either enhances energy and performance, or suppresses it.  When you choose the right foods and supply the proper nutrients, your body composition, strength, and performance optimize.

Environment Influences Thought

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Both external and internal environments influence our thoughts.  Everything from who your surround yourself with, to lights, EMF's, xenobiotics, and other toxins, can influence your internal environment.  Providing the right nutrients and protocols, mindset coaching, and lifestyle interventions can optimize your environments to influence thought positively.

Thought Drives Behavior

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Control your thoughts, and you'll control your emotions. Control your emotions, and you'll control your actions.  Control your actions, and you'll control the outcome.

-Tim Grover

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